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As an annual subscriber, you get early entry on the Young Dumb Thrills tour for you and one other person. That other person doesn’t need to be an MTA member. You can use your early entry perk on every date of the tour, but just remember that you both need to have a ticket for the show too.

For safety and security, we need to know which show(s) you will be using your early entry perk for. That’s why we need you to fill out this form. You can’t change the form after submitting, so ensure you have filled out everything correctly and selected all the necessary shows.

Regardless of whether you are coming to a Soundcheck Party, or have entered the Golden Ticket competition, you still need to complete this form.

You can’t get early entry if you don’t complete the form. However, if you complete the form and then can’t make early entry, you don’t need to let anyone know.

You must submit the form below by Tuesday 7 September at 11.30pm BST.

We are still finalising the exact details on early entry, like what time you will be allowed into the venue and where you will need to go. As soon as we get that information, we’ll email you.

If you have any questions, please contact

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